Rosie Healey & Rebecca Davies

Sold Out

Brenda Brick and Rita Raitha invite you to a celebration of East End heritage at their BRICK LANE BANQUET.

Imagine a giant fish wearing a puffa jacket of ginger, garlic and chilli, in a deep fried curry leaf baseball cap – fanning himself with coriander leaves. He’s at a party, dancing with champ fritters, home made soda and rye bread and batter fried apple rings. Stood at the bar is a Boozy Lassi sipping on an East End Guinness.

The banqueting table will be filled with dishes from Irish to Jewish and Bangladeshi – a culinary spectrum representing Brick Lane’s historical cuisine. You’ll come away from the night as rich as a pearly queen and as fat as a Ghulab Jhamen!

Brenda Brick will be your host for the night. Born in 1880, Brenda’s knowledge of the area is second only to Kevin Kray (Reg and Ronnie’s lesser know butcher brother). Steeped in history, drenched in cockney decadence, the inimitable Brick now resides on Petticoat Lane with her Sitar playing boyfriend, Ali. Delight in the presence of her company while you feast on this spectacular banquet cooked by Rita Raitha’s culinary genius is the best in the world, second to none and first to everyone. She has the opposite of colour blindness, impeccably sensitive tastebuds and an ability to successfully marry ingredients you’ve never even heard of – making dishes proven to blow the minds and mesmerise the palates of all who devour her creations.

The Brick Lane Banquet is a site specific work created especially for Unit D by Rebecca Davies and Rosie Healey. It delivers 4 tantalising dishes and 3 alcoholic beverages in an environment that Brenda and Rita promise will be amazing. And it takes a lot to amaze Brenda and Rita. Guests will also come away with a limited edition hand printed napkin, illustrated by Rebecca.

Tickets £40. Vegetarian Option available.